Who is by.ya?

Salam and hi, my name is Siti Nurbaya. How more classic can I sound? I would feel closer to u when u can call me byya. My name was inspired by the main character in an Indonesian novel titled Siti Nurbaya by Marah Roesli. It's a novel published 60 years before I was even born. I'm not only have an Indonesian-inspired name, I'm also half-blood Indonesia (from my father's side). That's explains why I like Indonesia so much although at this point of writing, I only have been to Medan, Sumatera. But after all, I'm a proud Malaysian born and raised in Shah Alam, a city 25km west Kuala Lumpur.

Currently I'm still working as an engineer in an environment related industry particularly in waste water and recycle water treatment system although I had attempted to quit so many times just to travel around. I hope to get out of the rat race soon and have a very strong financial to support my adventure around the world. Until that happened, I travel frugally to wherever and whenever possible.

Travelling is fun but without any basis it become pointless as u have no idea where your travel desire will bring u. I didn't set any basis to my previous travel but since I can't see every inch of the country, I decided to become selective to places I go. So, my objective is to travel/visit to UNESCO World Heritage. But if there's an opportunity to go other than that, I would happily detour.

Some interesting facts about me:
  1. I have a mole at my feet, mom said that's a sign why I walk about a lot
  2. I do put on makeup during travelling (hey I saw Natasya from TARA 4 put on her lip gloss during the race)
  3. I need some serious and practical guide to travel light, usually my luggage is bigger than me
  4. I haven't travel solo
  5. I like everything about Japanese culture and food
  6. Getting a diving license is my next mission
  7. Favourite country so far is South Korea
  8. Trans Siberian via railway and Silk Road path seem like a perfect adventure
  9. I love local food wherever possible (it has to be prepared in muslim manner)
  10. I collect white background t-shirt, fridge magnet and HRC stuff at every destination
  11. I woke up earlier when travelling than at home 
  12. Greece and Morocco are countries I want to visit most
  13. I haven't been to Langkawi
  14. I plan to couch surf surfed in China
  15. Irritating bus ride experience was in Vietnam (20 kmh for God sake!)
  16. I'm good with map
  17. I've climb Mt Kinabalu via ferrata and 2 (Yong Yap & Yong Belar) of 7 highest peak in Peninsula Malaysia
  18. The longest period I didn't see civilization is 10 days
  19. I don't enjoy and afraid of roller coaster ride
  20. I can consider living in Indonesia
  21. I want to become environmentalist
  22. I love meeting local people and available for food and drinks
Drop me a line or comment as I enjoy hearing from people who visit this blog :)