Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekly Travel Photo

Wedding wishes board, Medan, Indonesia.

While I was in Medan, my friend's cousin invited us to his friend's daughter wedding before he brought us around town. Mind my casual attire, wasn't expect to attend any wedding during packing. I usually dress properly for wedding :D

Along the way towards the wedding hall, both sides of the road displayed wedding wishes boards alike in various designs and colours. The fonts and embellishments were made from plastic flowers. It's a common scene in Indonesia, particularly in Medan (perhaps) to have those beautifully designed board to well wish the bride and groom.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

How a coin purse can make me happy

A recovering procastinator I am, last friday evening at work I spent clearing my over-stuffed coin purse turned into company purse where I keep all receipts related to business travelling. More than a month receipts were there! Seriously I need to change this.

I have yet to receive my business expenses claim but I was a happy camper already :D

Amongst pile of letters on coffee table for other family members, I saw this.

A parcel from Sabrina of Slice of Lemon to me! Yay!
I knew what's inside without having to open it as Sabrina ticked box next to Gift to describe its content.

Let me reveal the gift she posted. It's for me winning in commenting on 'dream job and how to get there' giftaway. Here is the entry on my winning :')

A chic coin purse in brown colour with flower patch *happy*
This new member in my handbag community will not be stuffed with receipts, only coins. Let the old coin purse do the receipt keeping.

A happy Friday I had. Hope u guys too!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Unifying North Korea and South Korea, failed attempt

I wanted to continue Jeju Trolley post but today's news has pushed this post much earlier than it should. I was devastated to know two South Korean soldiers get killed and 20 people injured in the few dozens rounds of artillery firing by North Korea to Yeonpyeong, an island 12km from North Korea coastline. 

Let's hope both countries get unified someday and efforts put worthwhile. Here are some photos around DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), a buffer zone between North and South Korea from my last visit to exhibit their efforts.



Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jeju Trolley course

History and Geography started to have a place in my heart and head when traveling become my passion. It never was before :D I hope it's not too late to catch up though. Map 'reading' can never be as exciting as doing it with Google Map. So here, I present to you Jeju Trolley course, proving I've been paying good attention to what being taught (by Google) to me (although not precisely mapped, at least it let u know the whereabout). I think it is AWESOME :')

View Jeju Trolley in a larger map

This is half of the Jeju Trolley course, covering east side on the first day. I've embedded a picture at every placemark for u guys to have a sneak peak of the place. Didn't I tell u it is awesome?

We were having great time of our life at Yongduam Rock, appreciating the nature (I was riveted to the unique basalt rock I couldn't find at home), taking photos at every possible angles we can and even mingle with ajusi selling sea creatures until our driver herded us back to bus. Common situation when using tour agent aight? Obediently we tailing him to the bus while he's complaining to himself in Korean all the way.

Still talking on Korean, the driver drove us to an unknown place (we couldn't understand Korean remember?) and when the bus stopped and everybody else alighting, we followed them. He brought us to pony ranch!

They look handsome with lush green grass and mountain as background. I wish to own one and ride like pro into the wood where it then stop by the small river for sip of water and I lean at tree to rest.

But the closest we could get to the pony was at the fence.

Although I couldn't find the relevance Jeju Trolley included pony ranch visit to its course, the sight of nature do relate to peace of mind.

The driver, to make it up to the complaining he made earlier granted my wish to ride the pony. I was given a red oversize vest, a hat, boot and a pony. Yeehaaa!

My dear pony being a good mother, brought me nowhere near the wood but circling the track instead for she cared about her baby and me.

She couldn't separate from her baby and also wouldn't want me to miss the rest of Jeju Trolley course. You know what it was, u have my map already :D. I'll write soon, I promise.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekly Travel Photo

Tam Coc, Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

In Vietnamese, Tam Coc means three grottoes and also known as 'Halong Bay on Land'. These grottoes namely Hang Ca, Hang Hai and Hand Ba were formed by wind and water long time ago. The boat tour passes through the grottoes along Ngo Dong river rowed by Vietnamese women and sometimes girls as young as 10 years old. 

As your boat rowed further, u will be awed with green rice field and lotus alongside the river. Lovely and peaceful. It's worth driving 2 hours south from Hanoi.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Mee Kolok Sigek!

Small I may look, my appetite is inversly proportional.
I would hunt for local/street food wherever I go, including in Kuching, Sarawak. Being the largest state in Malaysia, Sarawak located on island of Borneo and consider as East Malaysia together with its neighbour Sabah.

The distinct memory of visiting Kuching is its FOOD, of course! Roam the streets of KL and you'll be dissappointed with your findings as these food best avalailable in Kuching itself. Fly now and vouch what I write here :')  

Mee Kolok

Eat it dry or with soup, both deliver pleasant taste to your taste bud.

Its noodle is springy like instant noodle but with a taste of yee mee. It is made from egg noodle. Always serve with light sauce and condiments like sliced meat (chicken/beef) and blanched vegetables, lastly to be topped with spring onion. It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper or in a simple word, anytime of the day.

Laksa Sarawak

This is what you'll be expecting to received when u ordered laksa sarawak.

A bowl of thin rice vermicelli or mihun in thick curry-like gravy.

The gravy is cooked with adding sambal belacan, tamarind juice, galangal, garlic, lemongrass and coconut milk. No curry paste added. Laksa Sarawak is unique in its topping of shredded chicken meat, prawn and sliced omelette while retaining the same garnishing like curry laksa of bean sprout, coriander leaves and calamnsi lime.

Sayur Midin

My in-sensitive eyes mistaken this fern with pucuk paku. Truth be told, this sayur midin is only available in Sarawak and even crunchier than pucuk paku. People in Sarawak like it fried with shrimp paste and chilli. Apparently, during my last visit to Kuching, a friend's pregnant friend craving for this sayur midin and we had to buy it at Satok market and bring back to Peninsular. You could crave for this too even if you're not pregnant after your 1st taste!

Teh C Special   

Your visit to Kuching is not complete without having famous Teh C in local coffee shop. Shall I reveal the secret ingrediants? It uses evaporated milk and palm sugar. Try it and be addicted :D

I'm not just gonna let your saliva drip on the keyboard, u can find those foods here.

Opss, not at that map but here.

View Bimmer Cafe, Kuching in a larger map

P/S: Tips while ordering, mee kolok sigek means 'mee kolok satu' or one mee kolok :D

*Lily, hope u like this post and enjoy Sarawak as much as I did :')


Weekly Travel Photo

Wheel of Brisbane.
A capsule fit us all, including lil Harris :') Perfect way to enjoy panoramic view across the iconic Brisbane river at 60 metres above ground. The height u gotta have true birds' eye view without having to grow pair of wing.



Sarang-hae-yo *wink*

Korean Sarang hae yo gesture

I could relate when people say Jeju Island or Jejudo the Korean call it is a perfect place for honeymoon. It's charming, in its own way. The sea, the rock, the weather, the people...ahh just so romantic to forget. Oh I even wish to live there *dreaming*. Life was much slower there than any other places I think it could slower any wrinkle forming process naturally than many cosmetic products available now.

Ticket for happy life :')

Beewon did a great job, gave us more than just a comfortable bed, clean bathroom and other satisfactory services, their great hospitality has made us want to continue staying there after we got back from Jeju for another nights and cancel our booking with XXX Guesthouse. That's the power of hospitality I call it. Those huge luggages of ours, we left in David's room and we took only essential belonging for the 2D1N trip to Jeju. *Special thanks to David for offering your help and acting such a concern father to us, the organized-Asians he called*

A domestic flight to Jeju was booked together with our KUL-ICN ticket from Korean Air for cheaper price! Even if we were to go with travel agent, we still will request for 2 days deviation from the group so we could see Jeju with our own eyes.

View Seoul to Jeju Island in a larger map
Oh, JAPAN is that close already!

So, on our 3rd day we departed from Gimpo International Airport to Jeju International Airport on first flight at 0700. And having spent the night before uploading photos to Friendster (I wasn't on Facebook yet then), it was a challenging task to wake up that morning and get ready before our taxi drove us to airport. Gimpo Airport is the second largest airport after Incheon Airport and serves domestic and limited international flights to China and Japan. Right after we checked in, a cup of coffee was what we wanted badly to stay awake and sane.

Gimpo International Aiport - Korean Air counter

Coffee from Dunkin' Donuts

U can also get to Jeju by Jeju Air and Asiana.

Flight connecting Seoul and Jeju took only about 1 hour and travelled on weekday surprisingly we saw the flight was full with many school kids and also working men. So, it's not only a place for holiday, but for a meeting and conference too.

Morning faces *yawn*

In Jeju, we decided to explore the magnificent island using Jeju Trolley. A perfect choice for convenient and affordable way to explore it over 2 days course. Unlike Seoul, Jeju has no subway operating and buses and taxis are the only main mode of public transportation.

Upon arrival at Jeju Airport, we headed to Gate 4 of International Arrival where the pickup point was and anticipated for this red colour bus. We were still early then for arriving at 0800 and I've provided them my Korean contact number just in case of our flight delayed and they couldn't locate us at the pickup point. The pickup point can be arranged either at the airport or hotel you're staying.

Yes, I just arrived

That's Jeju flag

Punctual as they claimed, by 0900 we were already on the bus with other passengers towards our first destination. We were lucky to be friends with Korean family whom their daughter and son studying in Virginia Tech, US speak English very well. The only glitch of non-English speaking driver cum tour guide made convenient by them. They acted as our unofficial translater throughout the course. The English speaking driver/guide will only be provided if u come in a big group.

Jeju, located in Southeast of mainland South Korea was formed when lava of sub-sea volcanic eruption spewed and surfaced above water some millions years ago. Another eruption formed Mount Halla in the centre of Jeju, being the highest mountain in South Korea. These previous volcanic activities also covered Jeju's seaside with black-grey volcanic rock and volcanic ash soil. And one of the famous volcanic rock formation is Yongduam Rock, our first destination in this leg of Jeju Trolley exploration.

It's a rock formation with the shape of dragon's head if u could see. It is believed from legend told, the head represent messenger dragon's killed by guardian spirit of Mt Hallasan in its quest to gather elixir of life for Dragon King. It fell into the sea and turned into rock.

Its unique shape and scenic seaside welcome many visitors and apparently become one of the main attractions in Jeju. It was visited by wide age range, be it school kids, young couple and also an old folks.

Jeju had me fall in love on first sight.