Sunday, July 29, 2012

Greetings from Chengdu

Dear all,

I know I have not update this space for a very long time (read: forever). I apologize.
However, this is me again wanting to let you know that I'm still around and currently safe in the land of China, Chengdu to be specific, spending my Ramadhan with challenges.

I will write more on my travel stories later. I owe you guys a lot, big time.
As for Chengdu, it's a nice a place to visit. Air Asia made a good investment for flying directly to this capital of Sichuan, the home for panda and spicies food I ever tasted.

I was a kid again at the sight of my first panda. I did hope it can make few kung fu moves to amaze me but it just sitting there happily eating bamboo and some lazily sleeping on a tree. I want to share few photos but Blogger here doesn't allow that to happen. Maybe I save it for later? 

So, my unfortunate beginning on this trip didn't last forever, I have a great time in Chengdu besides having to fast for longer hours that I usually does in Malaysia. Happy Ramadhan everyone, from me all the way from Chengdu.