Sunday, July 29, 2012

Greetings from Chengdu

Dear all,

I know I have not update this space for a very long time (read: forever). I apologize.
However, this is me again wanting to let you know that I'm still around and currently safe in the land of China, Chengdu to be specific, spending my Ramadhan with challenges.

I will write more on my travel stories later. I owe you guys a lot, big time.
As for Chengdu, it's a nice a place to visit. Air Asia made a good investment for flying directly to this capital of Sichuan, the home for panda and spicies food I ever tasted.

I was a kid again at the sight of my first panda. I did hope it can make few kung fu moves to amaze me but it just sitting there happily eating bamboo and some lazily sleeping on a tree. I want to share few photos but Blogger here doesn't allow that to happen. Maybe I save it for later? 

So, my unfortunate beginning on this trip didn't last forever, I have a great time in Chengdu besides having to fast for longer hours that I usually does in Malaysia. Happy Ramadhan everyone, from me all the way from Chengdu.


Janggel said...

OMG byya update blog!!!!!! Terkesima kejap!
Semoga dapat bergambar banyak2 dengan PANDA ye Byya!!

Have fun dan selamat berpuasa di perantauan!

Janggel said...
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Jaja® said...

have fun! blk nnt jom iftar sama.

Dayana said...

seronoknye you! have fun fun fun in china despite having to fast for longer hours! nanti post photo banyak2 ye!

selamat berpuasa di china!

masMZ said...

oooo weeeeeeee.....

we want more! we want more byya!!!! Hihihi...... welcome back!!!!

Duchess Berry said...

oh patutla byya kat china upenye. have fun !

anash coco said...

selamat berpuasa di negara orang
glad to see this blog came 'alive!'

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We should all take some time to travel and reflect on the things that we've been through. :)

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