Thursday, February 10, 2011

Greeting from Nami Island!

It took almost 3 weeks for this piece to reach my home address.

It's not a self-address postcard but from someone who went to Seoul recently. Someone I lent Korean phrasebook to. And it was from this blog I gotta know her. Thanks Nana :D

I was touched when she made an effort to send one to me from Nami Island as she couldn't find post office in Seoul. And with that, I got a Naminara Republic stamps on my postcard! U see, although Naminara Republic is an imaginary country but it has its own national flag, anthem, passport, postage stamps, currency etc like other republics have. The stamps usually have national flag and the famous Nami Island image (I got both!). Its flag could be mistaken to some Islamic countries with crescent and star-like but they actually potray the oriental sentiment and environmentally-friendly image of Nami Island. Read more here.


Biqque said...

bulan dan bintang? pelik ek!

fatt said...

thanks 4 info..just found out about naminara republic from u..hehe :P

Lily Riani said...

pulau muslim ke