Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weekly Travel Photo

Sriracha Tiger Zoo, Pattaya, Thailand

It is for tigers that Sriracha Tiger Zoo famous for. However their significant number of crocodile nearing 100,000 is claims to be the largest population in the world. Set about half an hour from Pattaya City, visitors coming between May and August can have opportunity to 'help' crocodile hatching by break open its egg for 200 Baht. When there are just too many hatchlings, life gets tougher and survival for the fittest couldn't longer relevant, they need education too :p How do u like your math teacher here? Me, I won't dare to fail math, ever!


Lily Riani said...

interesting, been to chiang mai or thailand more then 5 times, nvr been to the zoo, next trip i should insist

SureenA said...

wow.. I don't know about this! I did go to Pattaya several times though.. :(