Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunday Morning in Temple of Heaven

It was hard to wake up late during travelling for me. I was afraid of missing many things the place could offer. That's the insecurity I feel when travelling. When I know the place (thing) is not belongs to me, I won't take it for granted. Mmm...I guess that's the trick for me to appreciate a place (thing), to be always on the move and never settle. But for now, it doesn't sound like a good idea to me. I'll figure it out later :D

While Sunday morning at home usually sees me lazing around on bed or in front of TV, my first Sunday morning in Beijing I woke up to an early sunrise from comfy bed at Steph's house and quickly heading to subway station - to Temple of Heaven.

Sunday morning in Temple of Heaven was enthusiastic. The Maroon 5 Sunday Morning melody keeps playing in my mind when remembering the day, definitely not No Doubt's. The weather was still cold (for me) but the park was filled with so many people that I expected them to stay inside home. As I entered from the North Gate, music could be heard (not Maroon 5's of course) like there was some sort of festival were going on. 

North Gate crowd

The music came from them.

Yes, they were dancing...happily :D
Look at how they enjoyed themselves.

There were so many activities in the park that day besides dancing. The park serves as a place for the local especially the elderly to gather and socialize. As I moved further inside, there I found a man singing and writing on walking pavement and more dancing.

It got more crowded when approaching the Long Corridor.
The spaces in between the red column of The Long Corridor were fully occupied up until the entrance of Gate of the Supreme Hall.

They were playing cards;

Chinese chess;

And even knitting;

And this is....mmmm, i had to peep through in between these uncles to see.

"Excuse me, what's so interesting here?"

Aha, another boardgame. This must be an interesting game because many were surrounding the two players.

If domino is your kind of game, do join this group please. I might need to learn how to play first before joining them.

 Perhaps this uncle could help teaching me how to play

But this one looks more professional, with his cap and all :D

It was too hard to learn by watching (uncles didn't want to let me learn, they were too busy playing). So, eventually I chose to join this 2 lovely aunties.

At least they can teach me how to make this cute panda...on my next visit :p

No, I didn't learn how to play board game nor knitting here. But one thing I learnt from them elders was to have fun in everything I do regardless of the age. You are not too young or too old for anything :D


Biqque said...

during my visit, kitorang lepak tgk diorang isap rokok, main kad, minum teh hahaha! mmg terbaek tempat ni :D

faiez said...

cool.....byk tul activities....

HANNA-CHAN said...

Knit a panda and dragon next time :D And I can't help but notice that an uncle was doing calligraphies on pavement. Was he using water?

Lily Riani said...

good way to pass time for the old folks... i was kinda impress when i was there. blm blog pun lagi china... ish

fatt said...

interesting! myself suka tgk uncle yg tulis caligraph atas pavement tu..nice!