Sunday, April 3, 2011

Live from Yogyakarta :D

Salam dari Yogya!

As i'm typing this, it's raining heavily outside (can't 'merempit' back home) and this place is playing very nice Indonesian song :D Feel like staying longer and writing some brief update to u guys.
I arrived yesterday morning, it was raining in the evening and now at 1.00am local time, it's raining again. Seems like rain keep following me on this trip. I hope for sunny day when I reach east java in 2 days. Will be back to Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday morning.

Started the day very early today, at 5am! Went to Dieng Plateau in Central Java, it's a 4-5 hours trip. On the way back, drop by at Borobodur before going back to Yogja. It was a sudden change of plan as adviced by my host. Anyway, it's worth the journey. Will share some photos when im back because the camera cable is not with me now. I just got here after dinner at vegetarian restaurant with my host and my sister. It's a lovely place and food is very cheap there! Im still wearing the same cloth since this morning so u could tell how my time were spent when im travelling. And top it up, I have no confirm plan to Bromo YET! The initial planning is to take midnight train tomorrow and enter Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park via Ngadas but the things happen, the arrangement I made earlier is not working out. So here I am, trying my best to stay calm and make Plan B. This is not what I usually face while travelling, never! Let's hope everything is working well as I expected. Amin.

Oh, they are playing english songs now. Don't feel like in Indonesia anymore hehe...the heavy rain has subside, might as well suggest my host to 'merempit' back to her place. Oh no, I supposed to top up my Indonesia sim card but it's already late, not sure if there's any available shop selling it at this hour. I expect the Rp 50,000 worth airtime lasted until Wednesday but updating my twitter regularly definitely not gonna make the thing happens. Lucky i can't access my FB via mobile, it'll make the credit drain faster. Ok guys, sweet dreams. Lisa, ayuh pulang dong!


fatt said...

cuba u contact Yoschi..maybe they will assist u on Bromo. goodluck!

cik gold said...

sonok tgok org selalu pi jalan he3

Traveller's Anatomy said...

last minute i amik ngan Helios je. Malang-Bromo-Malang Rp300, bende paling mahal i bayar dlm trip ni huhu...

@Cik Gold
Semua org pon seronok bile berjalan kan :) Tapi i travel frugally n main redah je.

alid abdul said...

hey Byya,
how are you now? back in shah alam...
im waiting your story and pic off course...

salam dari Indonesia

Traveller's Anatomy said...

yeah im back in shah alam :) will try my best to continue writing. lotsa photos to share.

We should meet when u r in KL!