Thursday, May 26, 2011

Greeting from Bulgaria

I haven't update on postcard quite sometimes have I?

So, here's one piece I received from Bulgaria with its national cuisines all over the postcard. Thanks Gergana for making me salivating while looking at each of the food. All them look tasty and perfect for 'berbuka puasa' :)

Which one looks appealing to you?
Me? - number 5 ("Shahlik") and 2 ("Drob sarma") :')

If you notice, mostly the dishes are oven baked, steamed, stew-like and grilled. No deep frying - talk about healthy food here. IMHO, they look similar to Middle East food don't they? It must be the influence from Turkey which also its neighbour country.

So here is where Bulgaria is.

p/s: this weekend i'm cooking my favourite dish when in Java recently. I received the ingredient all the way from Indonesia :) Wait for the post.


Diana Diane Teo said...

That is one special and lovely postcard you got it from your friend. So envy with you got lots of friends working in various countries.

Seems like you like to receive postcards as collection.

Traveller's Anatomy said...

Yeah, true. I collect postcard. Send me one when u are travelling will ya?

kemang~ said...

errr...jelez nye bleh g travel...