Wednesday, December 28, 2011

#TSDayOut: Broga Hills

"Find what brings you joy and go there" - Jan Philips

That explains why I have been to Broga Hills three times.
And that also explains why I answered yes when I got invited for #TSDayOut to Broga Hills from Tourism Selangor.

It is simply because climbing brings me joy and Broga Hills is the best resort to feed my hunger for outdoor activity (read climbing). The more serious climbing (to mountain) has to wait until I could find a group to join in.  
The best thing about my Broga Hills climbing experiences, all were associated with celebration. 

My first one being on new year eve of 2011 was to watch partial lunar eclipse. Me and few friends took an effort to climb in the dark to Broga Hills top, camp there for a night and gaze at the amazing eclipse. The best new year celebration for me!

Mind the morning faces

Then the following month, I once again climbed Broga Hills. This time to celebrate the newly engaged Hana. That was one unconventional way of celebrating it :)

The most recent climb was previous weekend with a group of new friends who join #TSDayOut organized by Tourism Selangor. What was the celebration?

Birthday of our group members, Hafiz and Ryan!

By the look of these cupcakes, you know it was not an easy climb for the carrier and also the cupcakes itself. Regardless, we still enjoyed eating them.

But you must not necessary have any celebration to make to climb the Broga Hills. With its relatively easy climb, Broga Hills can be a weekly (or monthly) activity for you.

You can start the climb at your preferred time and it will take 1 hour the most to reach the top. However there are no tree up there to shade you if you reach at noon and at that time a cap/hat will come handy.

All together Broga Hills have four hills.

Going up to the first hill is the most toughest part of this climb. Without any tree root to support the land from erosion, the track proved to be slippery either on wet or dry day. With the frequent visit received every weekend, the track is worsen each day. If you are worry, there is a rope provided that could aid your climbing. I found it helpful when descending.

Track to the 1st hill

Among all the four hills, the first hill top has the biggest ground area. And also the most crowded of all.

The first hill

Once you reached the first hill, the climb to the second one will not be as tough. In fact, it does not feel like climbing at all. The track is sided with tall green grass, the identity of Broga Hills that attracts many people up here. Dreamy.

 To the third and fourth hill, I let you decide yourself.  For me, it is so worth it!

The third and fourth hill

So, how to get to Broga Hills?
The easiest way would be using Cheras-Kajang Highway until the end then Kajang-Seremban Highway (LEKAS) and exit at Semenyih. Follow the Semenyih Road and turn left at the traffic light when you see Petronas on your right.

Go further straight until you pass Nottingham University on your left. You know you are there when you see Rabbit Farm on your right (and lot of cars park at the road side). The entry point of Broga Hills is opposite the Rabbit Farm.

Now you know you have a beautiful place to go in Selangor if you need a little climbing. Thanks to Tourism Selangor for organizing such a great Sunday day out. Till next time!

p/s: can you spot Broga Hills here?


Biqque said...

owhhhhhhhhh kalo track camtu, mesti takde pacat, bleh la i pegi! :D i tot hutan banat gile hehehe!

Lily Riani said...

i fif this but hated the slippery part, dangerous i feel

kemang said...

aritu pegi.. pancit woo ! hehe

Diana Diane Teo said...

Most of friends went and climbed this. All of them told me can see the awesome view during the sunrise. Gosh! Too bad I didn't manage went there during my study in KL. Hopefully one day.

Amer @TendToTravel said...

Great trip wasn't it!

maso.tee said...

i love Broga.
been there twice last year

brett0812smith said...

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