Friday, April 22, 2011

Greeting from Belarus!

Thanks Dmitry for the lovely postcards!
I received so many postcards recently, will update them following sequence they arrived in my post box.

These are from Belarus :D

top: Monument to soldiers-internationalist; bottom: The National Library of Belarus

I'm sure you know Belarus, no? But, if today is the 1st time u heard of it, let's learn some little facts about this republic together :) 

Let's start with its location on the world map.

Belarus or officially Republic of Belarus is in Eastern Europe and is one of 47 landlocked countries. What is landlocked country u ask?
If u can notice from the map, Belarus is bordered by Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. The entire country is enclosed by land with no coastline. That's landlocked country.

The capital city is Minsk.

Belarus people are called Belarusians and the official languages are Belarusian and Russian. Learn from now if u plan to visit.

They eat little during breakfast and enjoy big meal during dinner. You might need to take the dinner you've been skipping for diet while in Belarus :) 

They eat potatoes, bread, pork and beef. Most of the products are organic, they check radiation constantly to avoid food contamination.  

Belarusian alphabet is based on Cyrillic script. *I need a phrase book! 

Cyrillic script

Airport - Minsk National Airport or also known as Minsk 2 Airport.

Some corrupt hotel may practice 'legal theft', an annoying way of stealing :( 
Housekeeper will hide your personal belonging in the most outrageous part of your room while cleaning. If you didn't notice your belonging gone missing, well, it will become theirs after you left. And if you report items missing or you managed to find them by yourself, u can't do anything much since your items are not actually leaving the room, it's not consider a theft. cunning as a fox!

However, don't let that stop you from visiting. Some interesting things to do are hole fishing when Minsk Sea is completely frozen and visit Khatyn Memorial.

So by now, I hope you know where Belarus is and some interesting facts about it. Well, if you have been to Belarus, do share some stories you found interesting. Meanwhile, I might need Dmitry's help to learn more about it :D


Biqque said...

been there or going there?

Traveller's Anatomy said...

Neither. A postcard sent from a friend.