Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Greeting from London...errr Malacca

Alhamdulillah, finally I could have time to do some update here. The busy work life has been keeping me away from Blogger.com and Facebook.com. The only place where I could be seen frequent is in Twitter.com and if u want to get connected with me, follow me at @bYY4. Don't forget to say hello:D 

And recently it's such a joy to know that I could be connected to people I know from blog world in twitter. I have Fatt and Kemang in my following list already. To tell u the truth, i'm missing reading updates from blogs I follow especially those from travel bloggers. I'll be back very soon y,all :)

Apart from I am in between jobs now, a recent meet up last week with my CS friend from Indonesia at the airport when he's on short stop over in KL to Cambodia making me feel connected to travel life again, and hence the update :)

So for this comeback update I shall start with something simple. Very simple. But carries a lot weight in travel means.

This is my first SELF-SKETCH POSTCARD I received all the way from London. 

Amer is a Malaysian architect working in London and loves travelling. He has travel to a lot countries like Albania, Bosnia, Crotia, Syria etc and ironically I receive a sketch of City of Red Wall, Malacca, a place that is very near to me when I thought I would be receiving a sketch of building from other part of the world. Nevertheless, the piece of art in the postcard is that matter most. Just look at how beautiful it is! He has a very niche website which I find it fascinating to look at all his sketches from all around the world. I wish u all the best in relaunching your site, keep sketching because nobody does that and thanks for the postcard although I didn't win the giveaway!

So, this postcard reminds me to have Cuti Cuti Malaysia and appreciate what Malaysia has besides focusing on other countries. I haven't even been to Langkawi, it's quite a shame to admit this but yeah, I will make it up by going to Penang this weekend and spend it around Georgetown - one of Malaysia's UNESCO sites. So, anyone in Penang and wanna show me around town and maybe suggest a good place for nasi kandar?      



Biqque said...

i'll be in penang this weekend for family day. kitorang nak makan nasik kandaq beratuq or line clear. ahad lunch time kot rasanya...

mrs.lazura said...

b...kmslm png tau..u g ngn rara hek/? i g muar jek..klu turun muar bgthu tau :)

brett0812smith said...

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