Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dream job and slice of lemon

This is totally travel-unrelated entry but it made my day. Really. Couldn't stop smiling, in fact am smiling while writing this now.

I have a few women in my life I admire for their achievement, passion, dedication and spirit contributing in humanity. I shall thank Sabrina from Sliceoflemon for writing such an inspiring entries and share it to the world. I admire her survival spirit as Muslim woman in country where Islam is not a national religion like here in Malaysia but also it gain a negative perspective from its citizens.

I started following her site about a year ago and it was because of her youtube video on how to wear hijab with earring ;) Don't laugh, that's how I met her (virtually). But after being a frequent reader it turns out wearing earring with hijab is not the only thing she's good at. She's a great positive-vibe-trasmitter, well at least to me. Do read her and tell me how u feel.

Last few days was Sliceoflemon 2nd year anniversary and she decided to do a give-away. I entered not because of the prize. I swear it was the shortest and simplest sentence that came from my mind at that instance and didn't even thinking of stand a chance to be her pick. Somehow, she picked my simple "dream job and how to get there" sentence among others' many sentences. I feel blessed now. Thanks Sabrina for indirecly motivates me and may Allah bless u and The Boss always.

This is what I'll get :D

Me with Sliceoflemon inspired hijab :D

I have a great Saturday already, hope u too.
Happy Weekends.



RheA said...

thanks for this entry.. visited the blog and its useful.. erm.. any plan coming to UK? ;) do tell me in advance if there is any chance of u getting here k..

Traveller's Anatomy said...

She has beauty n the brain, i just love her writing. Couldn't help from reading all her previous posts when i 1st discovered her.

Hohoho, smbung phd kat UK ek? All the best there. Darn u all got ur Master n now phd. I'll be pursuing myself soon too. InsyaAllah. What would brought me to UK, only Allah knows :)