Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Out from airport to a place call home

After 6 hours flying with Korean Air, we landed at Incheon International Airport (IATA: ICN), the largest and primary airport in South Korea. Yay, breathing in Korean air :)

Arrival Hall

Had no problem during immigration and custom inspection, we headed straight to collect our pre-booked mobile phone to be used during our stay and took airport limousine to our guest house.

There are 2 types of airport limousine, Deluxe and Standard. Deluxe buses are limousines that go straight to major hotels in Seoul while Standard buses stop at several bus stops following its route. Ticket can be purchased at Exit 4 & 9 of Arrival Hall 1st Floor. Don't worry, English signboards are always available if u can't read Korean like me. Before buying, know where u are heading exactly as there are too many routes to choose from. Their names alone can make u confuse. However if u are not sure about which bus to take, there is an Airport Information Desk between Gate 3 and 4 or Gate 11 and 12 to get the information. Take the chance to talk to their friendly and seriously beautiful staffs.

Since we have decided to stay at Beewon Guesthouse which is near to Changdeokgung Palace (I'll write more after this), we bought Limousine Standard ticket priced W 9,000 route to Seongbook/Wolgye (bus no 6011) and waited at Station 5B, 12A. More routes are available here.

Airport Limousine Ticket

Frugal traveller chooses Standard Limousine

The bus dropped us near Anguk Station Exit 5 after 80 minutes departing airport. The distance was about 70 km. According to direction given to Beewon, we had to walk about 4 minutes before we reached Beewon's front door. Pretty near and it was a main reason why we chose them. Ok, remember my huge-and-almost-excess-weight-luggage in red?

Oh yes, that one

From Anguk Exit 5, we had to cross a road to Exit 4. The direction DIDN'T mention we need to use underground passage to cross the road. We were damsels in distress then. Imagine how difficult to carefully dragging/rolling the big and heavy luggage down and climb the staircases all by yourselves so u and the luggage won't fall down. Yes, I did regret for not packing into my 50 litres haversack at this point. Luckily the earlier rain had stopped and made our life a little easier.

Like all Korean dramas we watched (or I watched), the road leading to Beewon's front door is a narrow pathway that can comfortably fit only 2 person walking side by side. Secluded it made seen but welcoming enough.

Narrow yet clean pathway

The booking made by Sis Ernie only via email and no deposit or any payment made before our departure. They just wrote our booking on whiteboard at the counter and if we didn't show up on said date, they'll release the reservation to other traveller. Very simple.

Welcome to Beewon :)

The triple room we booked had one queen bed and additional mattress that can be laid on its wide heated floor for third person. Bathroom was attached unlike other dormitory bunk room downstairs. All basic facilities were in satisfactory condition, clean towel, TV set, hair dryer, fridge and toiletries. We paid W 54,000 per night and for me it's not cheap for the fact that it just a guest house, not a hotel room. But can't complaint much, that's just an average price one has to pay for staying in a typical guest house's room.

Downstairs where the reception counter was, were common rooms shared with other travellers.

An entertainment room as I called it placed a TV set and 2 units of PC with very good internet connection. A place u shall visit to rest and meet the other travellers after a day of walking Seoul. 

There was also a kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, toaster and hot water dispenser in it together with breakfast (toast, coffee, tea, yakult etc) served until 10am. Drinks are available at all the time, for free. Another room placed a washing machine and also locker. 

Overall, they offered more than simple lodging as a venue for u to feel and experience Korean culture, languange and hospitality. First impression with Korea, very very positive :)


Anonymous said...

Been wanting to go to Korea for so long!

fatt said...

im interested to know about pre-book mobile phone..cud u explain more what its all about :)

Traveller's Anatomy said...

i didn't roam my phone then and wasn't intend too. So, sbb risau sesat kat sane n harga roaming mahal, kitorang rented 2 phone with local line utk call sesama sendiri hehe...and call org2 kt korea (hostel, agent, friends etc) and sms org2 kt msia. Dulu xpakai Skype pon huhu...bil bayar mase return phone kt airport. Bila nak nak g Korea pulak?

Lily Riani said...

interesting... great info, am still looking for backpackers place.

fatt said...

oic,so phone tu rent kat airport ye. roughly how much per day & charges dia camne? coz i hv ticket to korea next year on january. but still blur nak buat apa, but certainly im there for skiing :)

Traveller's Anatomy said...

kitorang book kt cni

fatt said...

thanx.noted :)