Friday, October 22, 2010

How I got bitten by travel bug

Looks like i'm gonna start the first destination with South Korea. A place I couldn't communicate without phrase book in hand, albeit the difficulties I loveeee to revisit someday. It's a place where I got bitten by travel bug and it still swell until now, got my first exposure of backpacking and independent travel or whatever u want to call it.

A trip to Korea was initiated by my cousin Ernie as she's a super duper die-hard fan of K-drama and all sort of stuff made from Korea :) It was actually an alternative for Japan after we found out the cost was beyond our budget during that time, and maybe still until now teehee...I had no option than following to her 10-day plan. Great, another long getaway after my Mount Yong Yap-Yong Belar expedition minus the hiking and eating can food in mass tin. I invited a good friend of mine, Sayra to tag along to share the experience with us. That made the 3 of us:

miss S(ayra)

miss E(rnie)

miss B(yya)
The initial plan was to go with travel agent since the languange barrier become our main concern as not many Koreans speak english. After Sis Ernie and I had went through a series of argument on the itinerary and last minute call from travel agent requesting us to change the travel date, we opted out of the travel package and move on our own. That was a start of our travelling adventure...and my first backpacking experience (not literally, i was carrying a big red luggage).

My parents were only being informed 2 nights before departure that we would be going independently. I was sooo worried they wouldn't allow if they knew earlier.

I was determined, packed like i'm gonna stay there forever;

it was half occupied with food stock actually ;)

Stuffed my wallet with some cash to stay living there.

Korea currency is Won

Found method to seam the communication barrier.

definitely the mobile phone was not use to call home

And finally, checking in and got this boarding pass to make all happen.

it was Korean Air *cool

So off we went to Seoul, capital city of South Korea on a midnight when there was a family gathering (sorry aunties and all, ticket was booked much earlier than your gathering).


Anonymous said...

byya...mana korg dpt instant korea passport book tu? -YANA-

by.ya @ Traveller's Anatomy said...

Yana, tu buku Sayra. Nak pinjam?