Monday, October 25, 2010

Wedding Passport

Normally I don't say yes when my mum request to follow her to wedding of not-so-close relative although I know I should take the chance to tie the loose end to have much closer relationship with them. But last Sunday I went because this itchy feet need to go out and because grandma was also following. It could be because of law of attraction that many things happened to me related to travelling including this wedding invitation.

I swear I didn't go because of this

Imagine when mum handed me the invitation card to help dad in looking for direction, I looked at the card in disbelief. Inside the card even had a stamp like this. I found it amusing and unique.

The passport pages

They look real ain't they?

However, the overall wedding had nothing close to travelling theme. Instead, only colour theme of red and black.

Wedding hall

Wedding favours

It was just the invitation card and maybe this drink which manufactured in The Philippines.

One stamp on passport to bring this here

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Lily Riani said...

cool... love the concept.