Thursday, December 2, 2010

Greeting from Perth!

It's December already!
Another month to 2011. I hope some of your 2010 resolutions are achieved if not all. If u must know, this blog existence is one of my long list of 2010 resolutions :D *I deserve a pat on my back*

Other resolution just became reality recently. Or it'd be more of get initiated, my MANYYYYY years back resolution which I failed to do every other year. Thanks to Fatt for sending me postcard from Perth during your recent trip! Western Australia is undoubtedly beautiful and gorgeous. Do write about it soon.

I always plan to send myself a postcard from countries I visited but never ever find an initiative to find a post office to make that happen. Postcard can be easily available especially near tourist area but finding a post office is always left out from the itinerary ;p

With this single achievement (although from other person hehe), I hope there will be many other coming to the collection and post office will be a must-go place during travelling in the future. If u think u can help me in my effort, I'm willing to send u my address. In return, I'll be more than happy to send one to add to your collection if u are an avid collector (or not) whenever i'm out of town/country :') I'm going to Sabah in less than 2 weeks, send your address now if you're interested.

Presenting my one and only postcard (as of now);

Fatt's journey
P/S: I've changed my slideshow header for Dec. Hope you'll like it :)


fatt said...

hi byya,
u shud start send ur self-addressed postcard now, it's fun! better late than never. i started this after a fren told me that he send a postcard to himself as he couldnt afford to buy souvenir everytime he travel. i personally think this idea is not only great, but more like a momento for every place ive visited :)

i'll email my add to u..and thanx 4 this entry.. ;)

fromblank said...

I'll make sure i send you one from my next trip. great idea to send yourself one too. :)


Traveller's Anatomy said...

so true...i guess it never too late to start, aight? been wanting to do since so long but maybe it just need u to be the 1st one sending it kot hehe...

thanks again and do email me your address k.

Traveller's Anatomy said...

Very kind of u to support me. Thanks.
I also dont mind receiving it from your hometown ;)

RheA said...

yeah.. fatt's idea sounds great.. can I join all of you with the postcard thingy?

Traveller's Anatomy said...

yes, u can. I just came back from Sabah, u missed it. I'll fly again somewhere on Feb :) U can do the same and send me a postcard or two from there hehe...