Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To Kota Kinabalu...with Paperless Check-In

Salam and hello everyone,
Been away for few days and I already miss u all :)
I planned to do daily update on my recent travel, at least a brief one on my whereabout, but the Tune Hotel in Kota Kinabalu I was staying for 4 nights don't have public internet station like the one I stayed in Kuching Waterfront :( 

I had the best year-end holiday in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah although I didn't completely cover my ambitious itinerary. Who says we can be perfect and a slight side-tracked is not fun? I posted a photo on my Weekly Travel Photo last night just so u know I enjoyed myself there, SO MUCH :')

This was my 3rd trip to Kota Kinabalu or KK for short, with main objective to attend Hana's wedding. The 1st one being on 2008 was for climbing Mt Kinabalu ONLY and it was hectic and painful. The 2nd visit for business matter was during this year's Ramadhan, for less than 24 hours can u belief that! 

There are 2 airlines offer direct flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (IATA: KUL) to Kota Kinabalu International Airport (IATA: BKI), Air Asia and MAS. My usual low cost airline, Air Asia didn't have favourable fare during my booking and hence MAS became my pick.

Do you know now you can check-in in multiple ways besides at the usual airport check-in counter? You can use web, mobile and kiosk check-in facilities within 48 hours from your departure time. It's convenience, fast and efficient, no more long hours at the airport before departure. I checked-in the night before my departure via web to avoid any chance me missing my flight for arriving late.


Go to MAS website and click Chek-In Now.

You'll be directed to this page.

Select one from those three options for indentification (I used my e-ticket number).

Click Continue button and follow each step accordingly. After you've provided adequate info to the system and confirmed all details, you'll come to the final part where you need to print your boarding pass.

Yes, I heard you. No printer at home (in my case, was lazy to plug the printer cable) and still need the boarding pass in an instance? Relax and hover your mouse to Send Boarding Pass To Mobile Device and click it when this screen prompted. I'm sure everyone has a mobile phone, sometimes more than one. I only can afford one :)

One mobile device can only receives one boarding pass (for your own self). If you checked-in for more than one person, send the respective boarding pass to your travel companion's mobile device. So, everyone will receive an SMS with a link of their boarding pass like this.

Upon check-in, you shall ensure the link works and it contains the 2D image for scanning purpose. It also provides other infos like normal paper boarding pass had except your Gate number.

2D image for scanning

I had window seat :D

As of now, you're done with your check-in (at home!). U can pack happily and reach airport as late as minimum boarding time now. Oppss, if you want to check-in your baggage, you need to come 1 hour before take off to have your baggage dropped off and tagged at the counter. Show them your e-boarding pass (from your mobile phone) and IC, they'll straight away give your baggage ticket if your baggage don't exceed weight allowance and your Gate number. Voila, u can now walk straight to Departure Hall.

This e-boarding pass does not exclude you from normal airport security inspection. Go through it as usual ok. The only difference is at Departure Hall and Departure Gate, the airport personnel is scanning your 2D image from your mobile phone instead of checking paper boarding pass like other passengers have. You are fashionably carrying your mobile phone (which also your boarding pass) while others still stuck with their old fashion paper pass :') Honestly, I got envied by a foreign man for having this paperless pass. He repeatedly asked "no paper at all?" and disbelief the system could perform paperless way. He made me feel like I'm a truly technology buff there *wink*

Don't u think it's COOL :)

Now, let's board to Kota Kinabalu where the fun and adventure await.

My fav seat

My fav seat cover colours. No!

My fav drink in flight. Yes!

I didn't introduce my travel partner yet did I? Here she is, Sayra who is always fond of in-flight food.

Apparently the flight was delayed due to rain. It's December, I can understand and can't change that. But with that, I missed the chance to see a friend's boyfriend live performance at 1Borneo, a supposed to be a great introduction to this getaway. Hope for a bright sunny day tomorrow and forward. Well, we'll see *wink*


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wah dah blogspot! baru la senang nak baca blog uuuuuuuuuuu! yeay!

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Traveller's Anatomy said...

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just moved in recently, senang skit nak update n buat ape2 kt blogspot. Enjoy!

okies, will try :) pilih i jadi winner tau ;p

Lily Riani said...

i heard of this but applicable for certain application/mobile phone jek kan.

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Traveller's Anatomy said...

as far as i know, any mobile phone can accept this provided it can receive SMS and open the link with some internet connection. Works well on my BB and friend's Nokia. Try it next time ;)

Indian Sarees said...

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Anonymous said...

Cik Siti... orang boleh baca barcode tu... jadi kalau nak sensor nama .. kena lah juga sensorkan barcode tu..