Friday, December 31, 2010

My Best of 2010

I couldn't believe and it is sad to know this great year of 2010 is coming to its end today. Alhamdulillah, syukur to whatever occurance happened in this year, all I believe have a blessing hidden behind it, sooner or later. As for my resolutions, some which not been realized in this year will still have their space in my 2011 list :) And of course I need to couple them with much better planning and execution!

To wrap up this year for more promising year in 2011, I present here 12 photos representing 12 months in 2010, of my best moment.


Partial Lunar Eclipse on 1 January 2010

The eve of 2010's new year was celebrated out of the ordinary counting down and fireworks show. Instead me and some friends went hiking up in the dark with our headlights as the only source of light to help us making our way to Broga Hills witness partial lunar eclipse. It was awesome!

Everything went well, the hike, the campsite, the food we had, the companion, the resolution making BUT we couldn't determine how EXACTLY the partial lunar should look like. It was said, the eclipse started from 1.17am to 5.28am. So, within that span of time we were moon gazing expecting to see something extravagant happening to the sky. With our little knowledge in space science, the moon just looked the same at all time haha... When we saw newspaper later that day, the images of the eclipse were not very prominent for a normal eyes like us to identify. After all, the picture above was captured in between the partial lunar eclipse, which I didn't know at what stage it was at.


2nd Broga Hills climb

This climb was to bring Sayra after she missed the one on new year eve. Do u know we are such a great friends Sayra? We successfully climbed it and enjoyed beautiful sunrise on top. And it was also to celebrate the newly engaged Hana :)

MARCH 2010

Ayun's Solemnization

These beautiful young ladies are my bestest friends EVER! It was the happiest day to see another best friend officially became a wife to a man she much loved. And it was also a day we finally got to know her husband! Neither of us were allowed to meet Rosman before. Nevertheless, may Allah bless all of us and may our friendship last till eternity.

APRIL 2010

The best coffee at Kluang RailCoffee

After my 1st visit to Kluang and had a taste of Kluang coffee at the railway station, I fell in love with the taste. So, this year visit I tried the one at another branch somewhere in Kluang town as the railway one only open in the morning. Nothing beats an iced coffee and a toast for tea break after work assignment to the palm plantation. Please don't miss it when in Kluang ok.

MAY 2010

Botaq & Rozyana Wedding in Kuching

They were my great uni friends. None of their weddings I missed. How could I right? So, when Botaq married a Sarawakian girl from our same uni, we all flew all the way from KL for his big day and had our Kuching style vacation after that.

The best thing about Kuching are the food and the people :') For having a best friend from Kuching, I may sound a little unfair judging this city but how many of u didn't like your Kuching vacation after all? Sik ada nak. So, kamek sik bulak :)

JUNE 2010

My parents' 'housewarming'

Both my parents are retirees. After few years running their small business at dad's hometown, they decided to built a house there to ease their movement and activity. Commuting from Shah Alam everyday is tiring for them although for only 45 minutes.

The day we had a small kenduri at site was actually a good day to install the roofing of the house, according to dad. Only close relatives were invited for the ceremony. Those 2 kids are my cousins, they had fun playing around the under-construction house, a place any mum wouldn't allow her kids to play at. Exception only applied on that day.

JULY 2010

Uda & Dara Musical Theater

I only will watch theater I think worth the ticket price. My usual favourite are of course none other than old folk story, epic fantasy and literature masterpiece. The first theater I watched was Puteri Hang Li Po and I enjoyed it to bits *I still keep the ticket stub :p

I guess Nurul can read my mind for wanting to watch this beautiful story from Usman Awang. Soon after I decided to watch this with some other friend, she called to offer a FREE ticket. I must not be me to reject the offer. Gracefully we went in with escort from the production guy and after the show ended, miraculously my flu got better hehe...


Private Screening of 'THE END OF THE LINE'

I got a pair of this private screening ticket besides handful of Open Water Diving course brochures from Malaysian International Dive Expo. This ticket was courtesy of WWF in promoting a cause on overfishing. 

It was screened with an objective to raise awareness on our unsustainable fishing practices that lead to tremendous decline in certain seafood species. Without we realizing it, some seafood species like bluefin tuna are battling their lives with unsatifying businessmen desire to make more profit out of them. It was very disturbing to know that over-fishing of this bluefin tuna for just few years made it endangered species. How u can help this from happening? Check for a start.



Who on earth don't like Aidilfitri? A month full of celebration and visiting relatives. This year's Aidilfitri was special as I had a chance to cook for them relatives and friends. I didn't know I can cook so well :p



I did tell that this blog existance is one of my resolution, for 2011 actually. But I managed to pull it much earlier than I thought, alhamdulillah. The planning to migrate from Travelpod to Blogspot was lingering in my mind for some time until one fine night I decided I shall not wait any longer, what's there to wait for anyway. Or maybe I was greatly inspired and influenced by Eat, Pray, Love movie I just watched during that time.

For everyone who is reading, thank you very much. For those travellers out there, it is my honour to know u guys and let's hope for some joint travel one day ok :')


ALMARAI CRADLE Water Treatment Project

After so many months of torturing meetings and extended working hours, finally Almarai Cradle project completed its installation and fabrication. Although the system may be the same with other water treatment projects I involved previously, as Almarai is the largest integrated dairy foods company in Middle East, it just simply put extra pressure on everyone.

If you're wondering what's in the picture, it's a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System skid. It's part of the water treatment system for baby food manufacturer owned by Saudi King.


Sabah Getaway

A trip to Sabah was a perfect year end getaway. I very much enjoyed it. No detail will be provided, I have many entries in draft to publish on this trip :)

Well, that are all the past. We have a new year to start tomorrow. I wish everyone a great year ahead full of happiness, wealth, prosperity, great health, love and blessing. XOXO


Berry said...

happy new year byya!

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I wish the same to you!!!!Happy New Year!!

Jaja® said...

happy new year baya!
yeay, gambar daniel pun ade =p

Lily Riani said...

gambar june yasmin ahmad nye capture.

2011, game to travel together? ehhehe...

sayra said...

happy new year 2011 -- here's to another great year and wonderful trips together -- love u dear!

Biqque said...

sume buat post camni, cam best lak ek? hehehe! interesting!

happy 2011!

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wah!!!happy new year byya..waiting more story from u...

Traveller's Anatomy said...

Happy New Year everyone! It's gonna be a more promising and blessing year.

I care to be part of it :D
Let's make it towards end of 2011.

fatt said...

hi byya,
terlewat skit..susah nak on9 agak sng sikit..alaa..rugi tak buat entry camni aritu..byk benda bleh flashback..nak buat skrg dah tak kena gaya..hihi...anyway, happy new year too...hope to keep in touch with u & swap postcard each time we travel :)

Traveller's Anatomy said...

xpe, flashback bila2 masa pon boleh buat. Entry ni just amik kesempatan new year je.
Postcard tu adalah wajib ok, i dah save dh pon address u :)