Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ilchulland-Micheon Cave

I am incapable of saying/typing 1000 words right now. Pictures here, I hope they can speak for themselves :')

A picture do tells a 1000 words, no?






If you're wondering where all these were captured, Ilchulland is my answer. Still on Jeju Island.

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The main attraction here is the Micheon Cave. Only 365m is opened for public from its 1.7km total length. My skill in capturing in low light is yet to improve, hence no photo to share with all the view inside. Next destination in this course was and is still my favourite place. Wouldn't be too long before I write about it. Stay tune :')



faiez said...

byya...lawanyer pic2 tueh...

iina said...

Salam.. wah tgk cam best jek korea nie kan.. mesti best jejln sana ;)

Traveller's Anatomy said...

taman ni cantik n besar tp xsmpt nak round habis. Itu je yg smpt :)

Salam, Korea is one of my fav as of now, pegi byk kali pon xpe. But i hope u like living in Glasgow :)