Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jeju Trolley course

History and Geography started to have a place in my heart and head when traveling become my passion. It never was before :D I hope it's not too late to catch up though. Map 'reading' can never be as exciting as doing it with Google Map. So here, I present to you Jeju Trolley course, proving I've been paying good attention to what being taught (by Google) to me (although not precisely mapped, at least it let u know the whereabout). I think it is AWESOME :')

View Jeju Trolley in a larger map

This is half of the Jeju Trolley course, covering east side on the first day. I've embedded a picture at every placemark for u guys to have a sneak peak of the place. Didn't I tell u it is awesome?

We were having great time of our life at Yongduam Rock, appreciating the nature (I was riveted to the unique basalt rock I couldn't find at home), taking photos at every possible angles we can and even mingle with ajusi selling sea creatures until our driver herded us back to bus. Common situation when using tour agent aight? Obediently we tailing him to the bus while he's complaining to himself in Korean all the way.

Still talking on Korean, the driver drove us to an unknown place (we couldn't understand Korean remember?) and when the bus stopped and everybody else alighting, we followed them. He brought us to pony ranch!

They look handsome with lush green grass and mountain as background. I wish to own one and ride like pro into the wood where it then stop by the small river for sip of water and I lean at tree to rest.

But the closest we could get to the pony was at the fence.

Although I couldn't find the relevance Jeju Trolley included pony ranch visit to its course, the sight of nature do relate to peace of mind.

The driver, to make it up to the complaining he made earlier granted my wish to ride the pony. I was given a red oversize vest, a hat, boot and a pony. Yeehaaa!

My dear pony being a good mother, brought me nowhere near the wood but circling the track instead for she cared about her baby and me.

She couldn't separate from her baby and also wouldn't want me to miss the rest of Jeju Trolley course. You know what it was, u have my map already :D. I'll write soon, I promise.



Lily Riani said...

panjang umur, i just told my sis you went to jeju and we must include this in our april itin.

Traveller's Anatomy said...

If u have the time, don't miss Jeju. Many Korean dramas using Jeju as their shooting location for reason. It's simple gorgeous!

Berry said...

sib baik ko kecik byya, leh naik pony. klu aku agaknya, xlarat pony tu angkat hahaha. nice entry!

Traveller's Anatomy said...

Sape2 pon boleh naik ler...pony tu ade super power hehe...

Susana said...

I just love this place! Looks like you had a good time!

Kisses from Spain!


Anonymous said...


you blog on jeju trolley bus is great which given me a good idea of jeju trolley bus as their website keep on error. Mind to share how did u buy the ticket from them as i interested to go to the pony ranch too....hee hee