Sunday, November 28, 2010

How a coin purse can make me happy

A recovering procastinator I am, last friday evening at work I spent clearing my over-stuffed coin purse turned into company purse where I keep all receipts related to business travelling. More than a month receipts were there! Seriously I need to change this.

I have yet to receive my business expenses claim but I was a happy camper already :D

Amongst pile of letters on coffee table for other family members, I saw this.

A parcel from Sabrina of Slice of Lemon to me! Yay!
I knew what's inside without having to open it as Sabrina ticked box next to Gift to describe its content.

Let me reveal the gift she posted. It's for me winning in commenting on 'dream job and how to get there' giftaway. Here is the entry on my winning :')

A chic coin purse in brown colour with flower patch *happy*
This new member in my handbag community will not be stuffed with receipts, only coins. Let the old coin purse do the receipt keeping.

A happy Friday I had. Hope u guys too!


Lily Riani said...

alaaaa..... sweet nye!

faiez said...


Traveller's Anatomy said...

@Lily & Faies
I's cute :D