Friday, November 5, 2010

Mah Meri Tribe and Seafood

I'm really not a morning person. I woke up early on Sunday for reasons, it could be to jog, shop, swim, wedding or other activities. But last Sunday, a visit to Carey Island with CSers made me waiting as early as 9am at Kelana Jaya LRT Station with them.

Where is Carey Island u ask?

It is in Kuala Langat, Selangor about 12km from Banting. No, it's nothing near to the recent controversy millionaire's murder case site. Relax. The similarity is only at the many palm oil plantation surrounding. Despite its name, many locals from Klang don't consider it as a real island as its distance from mainland is less than 1km. It is practically just a stream that we were crossing.

Cross over to Carey Island

Palm Oil plantation

1. Leave city life for a while and meet Mah Meri tribe, one of an oborigine tribes in Malaysia
2. Eat SEAFOOD!!!

We headed straight to Kg Sungai Bumbun to learn about craft making by the Mah Meri tribe. Ministry of Rural and Regional Development helped building a craft centre here to elevate their productivity and quality of craft made. 

Typical village house

We were supposed to meet the sculptor at the craft center. Unfortunately he was at Shanghai Expo and left all his artworks for us to see (and take photo). I was hoping to see live carving work where he turn a Nyireh Batu wood into mask and some other objects.

us with Mah Meri woman

Mah Meri tribe carving is distinct from others by type of wood they use and its design. Their design even get a recognition from UNESCO as part of the world's craft heritage. It also not hard to believe how the sculptor have managed to go to Shanghai Expo as their woodcarvings capture the attention of local and international collector. MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Carving Station

Aside from woodcarving, weaving also holds a place in Mah Meri culture. Women only to be considered eligible to marry after she can perform a decent weaving skills to make mats, containers, hunting baskets and ceremonial decorations.

Weaving products

Lady weaving

Me like the colours :D

Ok, we were done with carving and weaving, let's find the SEAFOOD *everyone happy*

It's makan time

It's worth driving all the way from KL to here for their seafood. Fresh and CHEAP! We had butter prawn, salted egg crab, bamboo lala, chili prawn and vege for less than RM200 for 7 person. Can u believe that?

The shop was occupied by us :)

Salted egg crab. Super yummy!

Butter prawn

Bamboo lala aka pepahat

The aftermath

All in all, we had a great time together and given our sweetest smile for group photo :D  


The fun continued at The Bee, PJ and we had our homemade ice cream as dessert here. This is the place u can have nutella, teh tarik, black sesame, horlick, white coffee and malt ice cream. A cosy place for Sunday evening.


Chosen three

Show me ur flavour

Till the next weekend guys :D

p/s: photos without watermark were kidnapped from others. U r the best guys :')


Lily Riani said...

i baru ingat nak gi sabtu nih.

Unknown said...

u mean Carey Island or the ice cream place?

Carey Island is a great weekend getaway! Enjoy yourself k.

Amer @TendToTravel said...

wah..I didn't know there's an orang asli tribe in Selangor! Great info on Carey island