Monday, November 15, 2010

Mee Kolok Sigek!

Small I may look, my appetite is inversly proportional.
I would hunt for local/street food wherever I go, including in Kuching, Sarawak. Being the largest state in Malaysia, Sarawak located on island of Borneo and consider as East Malaysia together with its neighbour Sabah.

The distinct memory of visiting Kuching is its FOOD, of course! Roam the streets of KL and you'll be dissappointed with your findings as these food best avalailable in Kuching itself. Fly now and vouch what I write here :')  

Mee Kolok

Eat it dry or with soup, both deliver pleasant taste to your taste bud.

Its noodle is springy like instant noodle but with a taste of yee mee. It is made from egg noodle. Always serve with light sauce and condiments like sliced meat (chicken/beef) and blanched vegetables, lastly to be topped with spring onion. It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper or in a simple word, anytime of the day.

Laksa Sarawak

This is what you'll be expecting to received when u ordered laksa sarawak.

A bowl of thin rice vermicelli or mihun in thick curry-like gravy.

The gravy is cooked with adding sambal belacan, tamarind juice, galangal, garlic, lemongrass and coconut milk. No curry paste added. Laksa Sarawak is unique in its topping of shredded chicken meat, prawn and sliced omelette while retaining the same garnishing like curry laksa of bean sprout, coriander leaves and calamnsi lime.

Sayur Midin

My in-sensitive eyes mistaken this fern with pucuk paku. Truth be told, this sayur midin is only available in Sarawak and even crunchier than pucuk paku. People in Sarawak like it fried with shrimp paste and chilli. Apparently, during my last visit to Kuching, a friend's pregnant friend craving for this sayur midin and we had to buy it at Satok market and bring back to Peninsular. You could crave for this too even if you're not pregnant after your 1st taste!

Teh C Special   

Your visit to Kuching is not complete without having famous Teh C in local coffee shop. Shall I reveal the secret ingrediants? It uses evaporated milk and palm sugar. Try it and be addicted :D

I'm not just gonna let your saliva drip on the keyboard, u can find those foods here.

Opss, not at that map but here.

View Bimmer Cafe, Kuching in a larger map

P/S: Tips while ordering, mee kolok sigek means 'mee kolok satu' or one mee kolok :D

*Lily, hope u like this post and enjoy Sarawak as much as I did :')


RheA said...

I like mee kolok too.. when to sarawak for a week and enjoyed the mee kolok!! have u tried the express boat.. Ride on them from Kuching to Sikei.. ;)

Melissa Blake said...

hi there -- thanks so much for visiting my blog!

Lily Riani said...

i loike dearie, am not much of a foodie hence i always forgot to take pics of food. i kinda like laksa sarawak but not so much on mee kolok, reminded me of wan tan mee kon lou. but i love the vege though. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Traveller's Anatomy said...

Express boat? U mean yg depan Waterfront tu ke? If yg tu, ade naik tapi pegi Sikei tu mcm xde je hehe...

Thanks for dropping by as well. Keep coming and do inspire me always :D

Dulu I xsuka sgt mee kolok but after I tasted at this shop, terus jatuh cinta and like to eat it for breakfast, rasa macam kamek org Swak!

gleenn said...

lol! you sound like me. I've a very voracious appetite. thanks to my metabolism I'm still on the skinny side :)

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Traveller's Anatomy said...

Thanks for visiting.
Yes, me too :D
I hope my metabolism stays at 16-year-old's

sab said...

you're making me miss malysian food!! so yum!

great blog!

fromblank said...

thanks for visiting earlier

faiez said...

bestnyer mee kolok mee sup pun Teh C special lebih mengiurkan

Susana said...

Hey!!! Thanks for visiting me!!

I am a follower of your blog now and will read your adventures too!!!

Hugs from Spain!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Just discover your amazing blog!
I travel a lot too!
Your posts are drool worthy~YUM*

fatt said...

hi byya,
menarik betul makanan dlm ni..lapar~
lama dah takde ni, bz ke holiday? take care :)

Traveller's Anatomy said...

u've been to Malaysia? Cool :D
do come again, I'll bring u to food adventure :')

lg sedap drp mee sup, seriously. If pegi Kuching try ok. Teh C tu, aku ngan Sera tiap kali makan mesti order punye hehe...

Traveller's Anatomy said...

I like all your photos and places u went :D Hop on a plane and fly to Malaysia one day!

Thanks so much for visiting :D Great to have someone with same minded passion. Envy u've been to India!

Traveller's Anatomy said...

Jom makan!
I'm around but been busy with work :(

RheA said...

byya.. its an express boat.. macam bas ekspres.. lalu sungai n laut untuk ke kawasan2 lain di sarawak..