Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nami Island...My Winter Sonata in Spring

One night in Beewon and we already made new friend *smile*. He also offered himself to accompany us to Nami Island, a shooting location of famous Korean drama among Malaysian, Winter Sonata.

Please meet David

We were glad to have David as our companion, he acted like our father there. He's originated from Trinidad and Tobago but resides in Canada (well, actually his wife is). He's travelling and teaching English wherever he is (my 1st encounter with such person).

Although I'm not a big fan of Korean drama but I had few of my weekends spent watching one episode after another until the last episode. Sis Ernie even got me the whole episode of Goong drama as a preparation to get the 'Korea mood' huhu...It worked and I  did fall for their beauty look and flawless skin *envy*

Aren't they beautiful and ehem...handsome

We talked (and ate) too much in kitchen where we met David and only dragged our feet out at almost noon.

Walking to subway
And on our way, met ajusi playing chess in a park. Many of them.

Nami Island is a tiny half-moon island located in Chuncheon. To get there, first we took subway to Cheongnyangni.

And changed to Korail train at Cheongnyangni Station Square via Exit 4.

You can buy the ticket to Gapyeong Station at ticket issuing machine or ticket counter.

But don't be mistaken by many other vending machine ok.

After purchased our ticket to Gapyeong for W 3,800,

We hopped in a coach like written on the ticket.

In the 80-minute journey, David and I sat next to each other and he shared his life experiences with me, many in relation to travelling and teaching English. He has been on the road for few years and were in Korea for almost a month then. I wondered how he can living in distance from his wife. If I were him, I want my spouse dearest to be always by my side. Call me typical but I want him to share my day...the happiness, the complain, the frustration, the jokes, EVERYTHING.

We were talking all the way and passed by many small cities.

Until when we saw this sign, we knew we almost close to our destination.

And finally.

Safely arrived

At Gapyeong Station

From Gapyeong Station, we took taxi (equipped with GPS) to ferry jetty. It was just a short ride.

It's common here taxi have GPS

Apparently, there was an admission fee of W 8,000 to enter Naminara Republic where the Nami Island is.

Being Malaysian, we were more than excited to find our 'Jalur Gemilang' together with other Asian countries like The Philippines, China, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan etc on a banner hung to welcome JBBY President Tadashi (don't ask, I don't know him).

Proud Malaysians

Ferry ride took less than 30 minutes before we were welcome to the beautiful Nami Island.

Oh, there is excited Korean behind

On the ferry, we played the excited tourist taking photo with local Korean.

You know u arrived Nami Island when u see this.

Main Entrance

She's Namimaid

The rest of the day were spent at the famous Winter Sonata lane. I should consider my next visit to be in winter to have the exact scene like in the drama. Breathtaking.

Now, turn on the Winter Sonata soundtrack and enjoy the scenery :')


Ok now u can turn off the soundtrack music because it rained after I took all those photos.

We continued our day in UNICEF Exhibition Hall till the rain subside and took photos with whatever we found worth taking photo with.

Until finally it was time to say goodbye to this fantasy island.

May I revisit during winter :')


faiez said...

byya..npla pokok kat sana tu lawa2 sgt..subhanallah....

Traveller's Anatomy said...

mmg sgt cantik, sbb tu la jadi shooting location. Tmpt dia pon aman je.

Lily Riani said...

kena masuk dlm itin i nih next yr, the last time i gi ski jek

Traveller's Anatomy said...

oh please go this little island. When r u going?

ad|nda said...

yey!! am going tomorrow.. yippie!!

Traveller's Anatomy said...

thanks fro dropping by. Enjoy your day in Korea and Nami :) Bring back great memories!

restrictedmic said...

How long did you spend at nami island?