Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Climbing 1866m of Mount Kinabalu With Car

This is my 1st entry in 2011 :D

People said if u couldn't have it all, a portion or part of it is good least. But of course when time and other factors permit, go all out. Don't belittle when u haven't climb Mount Kinabalu and set your feet at 4095m height because now u could be at almost half of that height with very minimal effort.

No hiking boot, no energy bar, no climbing stick, no porter, no climbing permit, no supporting cheers needed. U just need a CAR, of any type :D

This is possible because Timpohon Gate which is the starting point for all climbers is accessible by vehicles and it is already at 1866m height!

When it's raining, just be extra carefull as the road can be slippery and the winding road can limit your view from other vehicles coming from opposite direction.

At this Timpohon Gate also is a starting point for Mount Kinabalu Climbathon. Those are names of fastest men/women and the time record. Phewww...they are the true Iron Man :)

Well for me, I just can afford to strike a pose at this gate and claim I've climb 1866m of Mount Kinabalu. Yippie!


faiez said...


fatt said...

haaaa...lebatnye...i ingt lagi jalan ke sini bengkang bengkok..takut gila lelagi drive mlm..challenging sungguh

~ As ~ said...

hai sabahan ppl here...hehehehe...seronok tgk gmbar2.

Traveller's Anatomy said...

org yg paksa Sayra drive jugak smpai sini. At least smpai jugak 'kaki' gunung kinabalu hehe...

Mmg fatt. Haritu kitorang drive memalam from Ranau to KK mmg scary & sumpah xnak buat lagi.

thanks for visiting :)
Untungla org Sabah, semua tmpt cantik2 n best kan.