Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dinner in Kota Kinabalu

Yes, one of it none other than the famous seafood. 

On the first night after long hours of driving from Ranau to KK in the pitch dark night with no street lights AT ALL, on the most winding road I ever drove on and added with my-not-properly-corrected-astigmatism eyesight, me and Sayra decided to save our seafood dinner to some other night. Eating seafood need not be in hasty situation, it has to be in relax moment to enjoy it at its maximum. Well, that's how i like my seafood :D

So Berry, our great host suggested Rainforest instead.

Foods were ok. Nothing really Borneo style. We ordered seafood fried rice, butter prawn w/rice and burger. The best thing about this place was its ambiance, relaxing and yet lively. The live band here is not bad at all, entertaining all guest with songs from the latest beats to the era when I wasn't even born yet. But to us, it got livelier when the 3 of us started to share our after-uni stories. You see, there are a lot of catching up to do when u last met somebody 5 years ago right?

This area is also well known as backpackers' area because there are a lot of hostel and lounge around, so you'll notice many foreigners here. I even stayed at one of the backpacker hostels last time when I came for climbing Mount Kinabalu.

Berry - my ex-roommate in 1st Year

So, on the 2nd night I had my seafood dinner at Filipino Market.

My verdict: Not bad for mass production dinner. They are all fresh and grilled. Generally, every stall will offer u about the same variation of seafood including this ingredients to make your own cicah.

At the end, no left over at all :D

This restaurant was on advertisement board in our hotel room, won over many awards I can't remember what it were. It must be so good to deserve those awards so on our final night in Kota Kinabalu, we made our way there.

Little Italy in Kota Kinabalu.

Yes, they really deserve those recognitions. We all like the non-mass production taste. And to top up to that, they were super fast and efficient in serving and have a very friendly manager to suggest and advice for the menu. Remember to go when u are in KK ok :)

I am a bit frustrated for not able to eat any real local food in Sabah like how I had in Kuching. If any of u tried them, feel free to suggest because this definitely wasn't be my last trip to Sabah. Will hunt for it next time :D



Lily Riani said...

gosh.... looks yummy, can i have the address and whereabout

Traveller's Anatomy said...

rainforest cafe & Little Italian tu mmg kat KK town. They are famous, i rase semua org tau kat mane.

Seafood tu kat Filipino Market je.