Saturday, January 22, 2011

Greeting from Queenstown

Thanks Mr Postman & Fatt!
I received another postcard to add to my collection last week :)
It's a postcard from Queenstown where Fatt went and stayed for many weeks.
Queenstown from the postcard doesn't seems like a big town but the mountains behind are fantastic! So in love!

P/S: If any of u are travelling soon, feel free to send me a postcard ;')


Lily Riani said...

email your add at

am going to japan, hk & korea in march

Jaja® said...

baya, poskad local ko nak tak?

Traveller's Anatomy said...

THANKS!!! I'll email my add k :)

NAK! Ade ke poskad shah alam?hehe...

fatt said...

yup byya,
queenstown is actually a small town with breathtaking views..u'll fell in love as soon as u see it. thanks for this entry :)

Jaja® said...

hihi.. thn ni kami still vacation in msia saje. tunggu daniel besar br nak jln jauh2.

nnt aku send k!