Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weekly Travel Photo

Gunung Stong, Kelantan, Malaysia

This picture was taken way back in an era where people didn't even know what digital camera is. I have to scan this piece of memory to share with all of u :D
We formed this team out of university recreation club to stay away from SO MANY protocols in getting one expedition done and called ourselves RAT (Relax Adventure Team). All management, coordination and financial, we did on our own. Pretty much the same like how I travel these days huh.

The expedition started with boarding on an overnight train from Johor Bharu to Dabong. Later after meeting our guide, Abang Aki (the most top in the picture)who is a runaway-commando according to him, we conquered the peak of Mount Stong (1433m) in 1 day. The climbing at Jelawang Jungle Waterfall (highest in Malaysia) was the most challenging for me (due to my water confidence issue) and unforgettable one as the view from top was super spectacular (no wonder Abang Aki and Arwah Pak Bahar permanently stay up there). It worth the hard climb.

When you're here, don't forget to cover Gunung Ayam and Gua Ikan as well. Nothing can trade that experience.


faiez said...

eheh..masa muda2

Lily Riani said...

bila ler i nak merasa panjat nih

Traveller's Anatomy said...

mmg muda time ni kan :D

jom, anytime. tapi now stamina dah kureng sikit hehe...