Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekly Travel Photo

Traffic in Hanoi, Vietnam

Crossing a road in Hanoi is challenging, for newly-arrived pedestrians where there is no crosswalk. The road is 90% dominated by crazy traffic of motorcycles and scooters. And they won't make a way for u to cross, DON'T WAIT. After learning how to do it from the local, I prayed it works for me as well and get up on hospital bed for get crushed by stream of motorcyles was the last thing I want to know. Skip the look-right-look-left method, gather your courage (the traffic looks intimidating I tell u) and launch yourselves into the flow of vehicles slowly and trust them motorcylists would weave around u. Do not stop in between until u reached the opposite road as it will give more risk to u. Good luck :D


faiez said...

fuh..susahnyer nk lintas

fatt said...

wow! this look fun and challenging to me..i want to try! :D
btw byya, ada award utk u kat my blog. nti free amikla ok :)

Lily Riani said...

same here.... i mula2 panic giler, then i did what you worked

Traveller's Anatomy said...

memula mmg susah tapi bila dah biasa, jalan je...

ade sedikit challenging jugak la awal2 smpai fatt, after tiru cmne diorang lintas. Alhamdulillah smpai ke seberang jalan :)

crazy traffic aight?

Ola said...

OMG-sounds dangerous!