Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Central-East Java: The Secret of Ratu Boko

Despite not as popular as other temples across Prambanan plain, I purchased a Prambanan-Boko package ticket for USD20 to visit Ratu Boko. The package entitled me to visit Prambanan temple object, Ratu Boko temple object, free transport to Boko and free audio visual.     

Ratu Boko is situated about 3 km south of Prambanan Temple Complex and 200 meters above sea level. The uphill route requires you to engage in a suitable transportation, walking there is definitely the least attractive option. With Prambanan-Boko package ticket, a van is use to transport you to Ratu Boko and back to Prambanan at agreed time. 

Arriving at Ratu Boko, rain started pouring down forcing myself to pull out my raincoat and styling it while visiting the area.

There's so little story I heard about Ratu Boko except the panoramic view of Prambanan Temple with Mount Merapi as a background ones able to see at small pavilion near the entrance. So, I decided to check the pavilion first before proceeding to other place.

Being on a high land looking down at a low land creates a superior feeling but you simultaneously dwarfed by the breathtakingly beautiful scenery created by Him. It's epic! This picture would be perfect on a bright sunny day where clouds don't hide the majestic Mount Merapi. Nevertheless, it was still beautiful. It's also a perfect place to admire sunset in Yogyakarta!

If you're not amaze by photo above, what about this? Didn't I tell you how amazing the scenery on a perfect day?

The site of 16 hectares is full of mystery. Unlike Prambanan and Sewu, Ratu Boko is not a remains of temple but of palace - known to modern Javanese as Kraton Ratu Boko. It is clearly seen from remnants of fortified walls and dry moat as defensive structure found in the complex. Settlement site, audience hall, women's quarter, crematorium and bathing place in the vicinity also evidence this place was not use for religion purposes. However, the precise function is still unknown. 

This massive site possess three terraces with each terrace is separated by a stone gateway. The largest gateway having 5 doors separating the second terrace and the third terrace where many archeological remains found.

Paseban (reception pavilion) - a waiting room for guests who want to meet the king. Only the base stone is still remain since the pillars, walls and roof were made from wood had decayed.  

Pendopo (audience hall) - a square enclosure with stone wall surrounding it.


Inside, there's a stone base formed by two separated terraces.

As the rain getting heavier, I didn't want to take the risk proceeding to the next object and get stranded somewhere inside this complex when I already made a promise to the van driver to return in 1 hour. To cover the whole Ratu Boko complex site, you'll simply need 2 hours as it's huge and the location of one archaeological site to another is quite a distance.

And each get separated by lush green nature.

It was so serene and peaceful like you're in kampung.

And I secretly believe that some place in this site still regard as sacred by some people and some ritual is still practiced. What would come to your mind when you passed by a beautiful lady in a complete traditional Javanese attire walking gracefully barefoot with her hand in dance position?


Thristhan said...

Wow, that's beautiful :)

Biqque said...

kitorang lalu je dulu, tak masuk pun...cantik gak ek!

bdk2 said...

helo! everytime i see ur pics, sooo admire all these. gorgeous!

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