Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Love For Delicious

Delicious, a cafe with western and fusion food selection is place where I usually spend the afternoon or evening together with my girlfriends. The ambiance of the cafe is enough to make us stay for many hours eating their scrumptious meals, chatting up, people watching, drinking away, look at the menu again, order dessert, order more drinks and more chatting :) 

I fell in love with the place on the very first visit. The crave for somehing sweet aka dessert after heavy meal of Banana Leaf Rice at Nirwana Maju had lead me, Ayun and Sayra to come to the cafe that looked very cosy from the outside requesting table for 3.

After the menu was handed to us by a more-than-average looking waiter *ahem, we were browsing each page guessing how they would taste. They have long list of drinks, starter, main dish and dessert. Undecided, we looked around to find inspiration from other table's foods. Every plate on the tables looked good and delicious. Still, neither of us succesfully made up our mind what to order and with the intention not to spoil the already good impresssion of Delicious by ordering something not nice, we called up the same waiter *on purpose, he's good looking!* for recommendation. 

The waiter helpfully explained each drink to us and only after few minutes he finally got something to scribble on his order pad :'). He was quick to recommend Chocolate Brownie (with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream) as dessert to us, claiming it was the best dessert in the house. We trusted his words and agreed to share one serving together.   

The waiter was right! The brownie tasted perfectly, rich in flavour!
We went ohhh-ing, ahhh-ing when the warm brownie with its combo entered our mouths. Handsome waiter never lies :') 

The tasteful dessert we had was not enough to evaluate Delicious (although we already liked the place so much) so we made a deal to return for other dishes some day. And it was not too long before we returned to Delicious (Bangsar Village II branch particularly) for birthday celebration, treating visiting friends from out of town, Sunday evening hangout etc.

We even met the iron lady, Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz!

Delicious had clearly become our new favourite place for any occasion since then. And the same chocolate brownie had become the official dessert. I can't stop spreading words to everyone I met how wonderful the chocolate brownie tasted. So, if u haven't been to Delicious and feel like having to spend your time with love one, go and order yourselves the Chocolate Brownie and take your time indulging it. You'll understand what I meant :)

So last two weeks, when Dian asked whether I'd be available after work for Delicious Appreciation Dinner, I immediately said yes. Oh, how could I resist the invitation?! It's DELICIOUS!!!

Me & Dian

The dinner was held at their Marc Residency branch at Jalan Pinang. The place have slightly different interior than my usual Bangsar branch, but with the same concept - cosy and condusive for eating.   

That night, guests were treated with food other than what Delicious put in their menu but were prepared by the same chef. How did I know? I got the chance to talk to the chef :') It was a special occasion, so he prepared special food for everyone that night. 

The event got livelier after 7.30pm when every corner and nook was occupied by guests.

We were introduced to the new COE of Delicious Group, Michael Saxon.

He also presented an Illy's coffee maker to the lucky guest. Now, all coffee in Delicious are made from Illy coffee, a reputable brand of coffee from Italy. So, don't regret paying more for coffee here, they're the best one!

After that, the guests were entertained by Malaysian Dreamgirls. I like watching live performance let alone these powerful voice of the trio. Simply entertaining and stunning.

So now, in total Delicious has 5 outlets in KL (One Utama, Bangsar Village II, Dua Residency, Marc Residency and Mid Valley) and people in northern region can also get the taste of Delicious at their newly open branch at Strait Quay, Penang. 

The only branch that serve steak is the one at Dua Residency, Jalan Tun Razak. And since me, Sayra and Hana (and Ikhlas) managed to squeeze some time out from busy work schedule, last weekend saw us lunching at Dua Residency - to try their steak!

For starter, we had Red Velvet Cupcake that came with generous cheese frosting instead of soup or salad :') Sweet tooth we are!
My favourite drink here is Hot Honey Lemon.

Then only the Caesar Salad came with other dishes.

Wait! Weren't we came for their steak?!

It came a little bit later and this was what been presented to us - Delicious' Tenderloin Steak. Oh yummmm......

Ahhh, my mouth watering when I look at these picture. Do you?

The earlier Red Velvet Cupcake didn't count as a dessert, so we ordered Black Forest In a Glass to complete the course :)

When you're with great friends and great foods, time flies so swiftly. We didn't realize we spent 5 hours *I've told ya* just sitting there talking and eating :') It brings us more closer each day. Thanks Delicious for having such a wonderful place!


kemang~ said...

pergh..nmpk delicious :D

bdk2 said...

i miss delicious...never had enough! hahaha

hanie said...

*menjejes² air liur*

Traveller's Anatomy said...

as the name suggest, semua mmg delicious dan lazat!

kan2, never had enough. Jom lagi!

Traveller's Anatomy said...

dah2, lap air liur tu. Jom turun dari tempat pertapaan tu :)

fatt said...

this entry reminds me of my first visit to Delicious in Bangsar.

i agree that the foods are good and the ambiance is perfect for you to let the time flies swiftly.

i'd love to try their steak after reading this :)

Traveller's Anatomy said...

Almost everyone I know had their first taste of Delicious at Bangsar. I keep coming to that branch je hehe...

Their steak is as good as it looks. Go try it! Only at Dua Residency.

Alid Abdul said...

Damn it,,, so delicious... nyam nyam... buat gemuk saja tuh makanan hahaha... btw finally you met Dian ^_^ friend to friend