Thursday, June 9, 2011

Central-East Java: Sewu Temple

As expected, my trip in Jogja involved a lot of temple visiting, I mean not visiting for praying, but more to fathom history of ancient people and their civilization that they left us to witness so we could instill the good one to our life. And it is no surprise to know some of our behaviour/act today is influenced by them.

After spending some time in Prambanan Temple, I proceeded to other temples less enormous but still have remarkable built and history.

Sewu Temple, still located within the Prambanan temple complex is 800 meters away from Prambanan temple. And contrary to Prambanan, Sewu Temple is a Buddhist temple - and in fact it's the second largest Buddhist temple in Central Java after Borobodur.  

The little walking I did to Sewu was worth it. I was stunned by its amazing structure when it first came into sight although I know nothing about architecture nor building. I appreciated it as a piece of history from the eyes of a commoner.

Walking into Sewu temple compound was like entering into another world. That's how I felt, seriously. Once you crossed the main entrance with twin Dvarapala statues guarded on both sides that separated the temple compound from the now world, you got the ancient-world feeling. The compound was completely quiet and colour of andesite that made the structure gave a laid back mood.

With lesser people visiting this place than Prambanan, I had the whole temple to myself to admire, imagining how life was like and how religious ceremonies were conducted before. 

Sewu Temple was established by Rakai Pikatan, Sanjaya (Hindu) Dynasty prince whom married Buddhist princess, Pramodhawardhani of Sailendra Dynasty. It is easy to notice both Hindu and Buddha elements were found in Sewu design - high towering spire from Hindu and stupas at its crests from Buddha.

The proximity to Prambanan Temple also suggest that Hindus and Buddhist lived harmoniously in that area.

Originally the complex consisted of main temple in the centre and 240 small temples surrounded it. After an earthquake in 2006, many temples were severely damaged and now the main temple is reinforced with support to prevent it from collapsing. The rest are still in the restoration process.

In Javanese, 'Sewu' translates to 'a thousand temples' which relates with Loro Jonggrang legend in Prambanan Temple. There is another remnant of history found nearby that linked to both Prambanan and Sewu Temple - Ratu Boko. So, with my combine ticket I was eligible to visit it with free transport.

Next, I'll put up an entry about Ratu Boko - another great site you shall not miss in Yogyakarta. How do you like Yogyakarta so far?


bdk2 said...

hi..your pics are gorgeous! envy ur trip. gonna be there if i have the chance!

fatt said...

wow aku tak penah ke sini, just prambanan je..rasanya cni lagi menarik. tapi tah bila nak ripit jogja sbb dah byk kali ke sini. nice pics there..kamera apa u guna?

faiez said...

ur pic sgt i xsker sgt tempat2x mcm nieh....hikhikhik

Zarina Jani said...

I've been dying to visit Jogja!!
Really2 love your pictures.

Lily Riani said...

panas giler dak.... masa i gi dulu panasssss....

i like gamba u yg padang ujung sinuuuun. with a tint of red... lawa.

JHaZKiTaRo said...

nice pics!!!! salam kenal.. rajin2, jemput singgah my blog (Aku Sebutir Pasir) kalau nak baca my experiences travelling ke 46 buah negara.. :)

Alid Abdul said...

Damn you made me jealous about Prambanan, shame on me I'm Indonesian but never visit the Prambanan T___T

Nice picture, I wish I have skill how to shoot with camera :D

Traveller's Anatomy said...

Thank u :) if u like history + bende lama2, pegilah Jogja tu, mmg xmenyesal.

Sewu ni agak jauh sikit dari Prambanan, jalan kaki mmg berpeluh jugak la. Pics dalam ni i pakai Nikon D3000 & Canon PowerShot G12, mmg beginner punye. Tapi i nak Olympus PEN :D

Traveller's Anatomy said...

org ni suke bende2 lama gini. Tapi kat Jogja ni byk lagi tmpat2 menarik. Tunggu entry2 yg akan datang k :D

Tq dear! U SHOULD pay Jogja a visit! It's a historical city la for me.

Traveller's Anatomy said...

Mmg panas gile ok kat tmpat ni! I pulak pkai baju hitam...

Panas2 pon camwhore jugak sbb tmpat ni cantik, i suke!

Thank u, salam kenal. InsyaAllah sampai la nnt i kat blog u tu k :)

Traveller's Anatomy said...

Shame on me too, I never been to I-City which is like 5 minutes away from my house :p

The place itself is beautiful, hence I got the good picture. N u need a beautiful girl like me as a subject LOL

Thristhan said...

Damn, I so wanna go see this place. Looks like Angkor Wat kan?

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great photos! as always :)

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